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Product Designer

Crafting Beautiful Intuitive Solutions

I am a UX Designer from Brooklyn, New York, with a passion for prototyping and UX research for web and mobile apps. I have a background in journalism and an interest in politics and government accessibility.
I am a creator for people. I have a high passion for making things that will empower, inspire, and inform people. Because of my background in journalism, I am more empathetic. I believe in a collaborative process that drives my love of research.
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Following My

My Journey to becoming a UX designer has not been a steady climb. I began my career as a journalist working for local newspapers and freelancing for publications like VICE and Journey Though NYC Religion.

I realized that I liked to talk to people and immerse myself in other cultures to understand people's lives and how the world around them affected them. But I was always more of a visual learner.

I then shifted my focus to visual design, where I freelanced for years. I worked with many local small businesses creating marketing materials and websites that fit into their brands. I even made a brand from scratch.

I later worked with a political consulting firm, where I return to my research roots. There I was given statistics about candidates and their audience. It helped me understand how to marry my two biggest passions.

The whole time I was being guided to user experience design!

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My Design Process

Questions? Before jumping into designing, I always make sure that I ask the right questions and try to accomplish the right challenges. The understanding stage includes market research, competitive analyses, client interviews, and exploring possible solutions.

Bringing designs to life. I can prepare a thorough hand-off to a development team. In the case of web projects, I also do front-end development using Wix or WordPress.

Problem-solving. During the design phase, I am analyzing research to create possible solutions to produce an intuitive product. This phase includes
the transition from wireframes into the final designed prototype that simulates results before development.

Design Validation
Transparent process. Throughout the process, I

will update on my design process through regular meetings. After the initial design versions, I'm happy to do user testing with your customers to ensure the best possible solutions for their needs.

Living My Life

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